Melina Alden , LMFT

Stephen's style of helping others can be described as personally curated.  He approaches learning and teaching from a methodology that respects differences in others.  When we worked together, I felt that Stephen allowed me to show him how my mind thrived and he then met me where I was; never pushing me to absorb information in a way that didn't work for me. Working with Stephen on what started as tutoring for exams, turned into an overall lesson on organization and self-confidence.  What I learned for school and test-taking spread into other areas of my life and helped me become a less anxious and more well rounded human being.

Frank H..jpg

Frank Horowitz, Entrepreneur

Stephen, in short, has changed the course of my life.  He's helped shape me into everything I've become since 2010.  He's the hardest working, most caring, and insightful individual I've ever had the pleasure to have in my life.  From business and life advice to academic strategy, Stephen is simply the best at everything he does.  Having him in my corner has made some of my toughest decisions easier and he brings light and perspective coupled with experience to every single problem.  I would recommend Stephen to anyone wanting to reach higher aspirations in any field.  You won't find anyone better anywhere. Thank you Stephen!

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Sarah Corner, Grad Student

I have had the pleasure of knowing Stephen for almost a decade.  Stephen has a unique ability to tune into your passion and offer guidance and inspiration.  Stephen's style of coaching improved both my academic performance and self-confidence.  He listens with an empathetic ear to life stressors as well as performance anxiety.  Stephen pinpoints your self-limiting thoughts, which are the real barriers to what we desire, in a compassionate way.  He highlights your personal strengths and suggests actionable steps to find your own path to success.  I am grateful for my experiences working with Stephen.  His unwavering optimism motivated me to persevere and achieve my goals.

naomi testimonial.jpg

Naomi Chi, Executive

Stephen is truly a gem!! He encompasses so much compassion, empathy and genuineness in every interaction we have had.  Despite his busy schedule, he has always made himself available to lend a listening ear and offer amazing guidance toward any situation.  Stephen doesn't just listen, but gets to the bottom line and lists clear action items on next steps to take.  In addition, he encompasses an attitude of positivity that is contagious and motivates me to tackle life head on.  One quote that I remember Stephen telling me is to view every problem as an opportunity.  Stephen is a true example of positivity and I am so fortunate to have him as a life coach.  I highly recommend Stephen to anyone who is seeking growth and self-awareness on a higher level.  Thank you Stephen for being an inspiration and helping me in more ways than I can count!

Jay testimonial photo.jpg

Jabari Washington, Executive

What can you say about a person who not only can significantly impact your life but has the gift to impact anyone around them who’s looking for opportunities to grow?  Stephen not only has a strong skill set to focus, listen and to understand perspectives not his own, but he has a gift to understand the meaning behind what’s said and what’s not said and then to assist you to discover upgraded lenses for self-actualization.  Stephen has helped me to gain more from introspection than I could on my own and he’s helped me to understand more of my professional value which has helped me to grow in my  business management career and encouraged me to take giant leaps towards one of my goals of becoming a transformational leader in a business environment.  Stephen’s trajectory in life is inspiring in and of itself because he’s seen and accomplished so many things and has unpacked his experiences in ways that allow him to easily connect with anyone on any personal and professional level.  I see Stephen as many things, a business coach, life coach, high impact tutor, and successful entrepreneur, but most important of all is he is a person of  skill and character who truly values you as you are and helps you see what you could become.