"Abby is going to Berkeley - it was her first choice school and she is beyond excited.  We're so happy for her.  We know that a large part of her being accepted was her SAT score and proofread essays :)"

R. Fisher / Pacific Palisades HS Parent / SAT score: 1590

"I want to thank you again for the enormous part you played in helping Sam prep for the ACT and also for that extra something you bring to the work you do.  Sam's takeaway from his sessions with you is morethan just knowledge of the material, it's knowledge of his own mind and of his inner strengths.  He is ready to take on this next adventure thanks in no small part to the skills you revealed to him.  Thank you so so much."

C. Slye / Crossroads School Parent / ACT score: 34

"Stephen was fantastic in helping my daughter prep for her SAT Biology subject test. He's incredibly bright and concise and made the sessions interesting and very productive. Top notch tutor." 

C. Reilly / Harvard Westlake Parent / SAT Biology score: 790

"Stephen was an outstanding and amazing mentor and test prep tutor for my son. He kept it fun and positive from beginning to end. He has the true gift of keenly understanding each student he works with. He is able to capitalize on the child's individual strengths encouraging them to the fullest and bringing out the best. The whole experience was great and the outcome exceeded our expectations."

B. Tucker / Crossroads School Parent / SAT score: 2340 (old test)

"Stephen is the rare gem of a teacher who is both a solid individual and an exceptional tutor.  We and our son found his general and specific test knowledge, intellect, and guidance all to be brilliant, focused, and effective - in addition to all-around inspirational! Our son is headed to HARVARD - his first choice!"

Billie & Sharon Sandler / Crossroads School Parent / ACT score: 32 ​ ​ ​

"Stephen was incredibly helpful and patient with me.  I really appreciated how he taught me the tools and then let me figure out how to utilize them.  He helped me raise my SAT score 300 points and I honestly couldn't have gotten a high score without his tutoring.

N. Murray / Crossroads School Student

"Since I began with Stephen my ACT composite score has improved by 7 points.  The skills and confidence that I have gained from working with Stephen will serve me well beyond the ACT exam.

A. Klevan / Winward School Student

"Going into the SAT I was clueless, scared, and unsure if I had the talents to get a good score.  After just a few sessions from Stephen I felt more confident and felt like I could conquer and decode the tricks and trades of the test.  My score before and after is shocking; I reached a score I never though was possible and I think it's pretty fair to say it was from the great tutoring experience I had.

N. Zarchen / Santa Monica HS Student

"Before tutoring with Stephen, I was getting 500s and low 600s on practice Biology SAT IIs, but after only a couple of sessions with him, I got a 730 on the actual Biology SAT II.  He is really easy to work with, really helpful, and actually knows the information as opposed to just knowing tips and strategies (even though he knows those, too.). I would highly recommend him as a tutor!"

C. Brisbin / Crossroads School Student