• Stephen A. Johnson

Live YOUR Dream

What are dreams? Why do we dream?

My mother taught me to pay attention to my dreams as a kid. I’d share them and write them down. Think about their meaning in my life and reflect on any insight they may provide.

I fundamentally believe that our dreams are the gateway to sparking our life’s passions. It’s our subconscious speaking to our conscious mind through imagery and emotion. …

Each of us have a different dream of what our lives can be. The process of focusing our energy on making our dreams a reality is a way to honor who we really are. Whenever we are uncertain of which direction to take in life it is our dream that can serve as a guide.

What do you see about yourself and your future when you dream? When the conscious mind is powerless in blocking a vision of your true desires? Write it down and align your actions with this vision.

We say things like that’s my dream house, my dream car or my dream job as if they’re unattainable. When we redefine dreams as guides along our own path we can begin to get more clarity on what to focus our attention on.

There are so many distractions in our world that mislead us down paths that we have not chosen for ourselves. It is our vision and dream for our lives that can serve to internally navigate us towards the goals we desire to achieve. Let’s commit to looking within and making our dreams come true.

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