Engagements are based upon either a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual retainer.

The initial consultation is free. During this meeting (which takes up to two hours) I assess your situation and explain how I work. People sometimes tell me about profound shifts in their perspective that occur as a result of this initial meeting. It could be a conversation unlike anything you’ve experienced in years. You might be inspired by new ideas and thought patterns that have an immediate impact on your life!


Please note that I am equal parts empathetic and brutally honest.  By agreeing to meet with me, even for a consultation, you are agreeing to be coached by me.  I do not hold back and will freely share what I see as the limiting ideas and behaviors between where you are and where you'd like to be.  I do not believe in intentional slow growth.




I believe that our lives are an accurate reflection of our thoughts and beliefs and if there is something in life you'd like to change you must identify the thought and/or belief that created it, demolish it, and replace it with new ideas that better serve you.

Both initial consultations and sessions are held wherever is convenient for the client.  I have met in clients' homes, coffee shops, bus stops, hotel lobby's and cars. I am based in Los Angeles, CA but am open to travel to the client as well as to meet via a video conferencing tool if you live outside of Los Angeles.

Call/text: (310)-617-4183


Fees & Contact: