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We all have a starting point in life. Many of us are told, through both spoken and unspoken language, that this starting point determines what we can achieve in life. That it determines the size of our achievable dreams. This book challenges the idea that your birthplace, race, gender, sexuality, religion, or any other categorical limitation has any power outside of what you decide to believe. In short, your starting point in life is like the starting block of a race. How fast you run and whether or not you make it to the finish line is completely determined by you.


What buyers say about the book...

Timeless and digestible wisdom, written by someone who's viewed life with a uniquely powerful lens.

"When I first started to read the book I thought I would breeze through it and gain interesting insight into someone who's led an interesting life and overcome some obstacles. I would have been fine with that but to my surprise I had to slow down in the first chapter when I started to feel challenged (in a great way) by what I was reading..."

- Jay Washington

Very inspiring and motivational book!

"Small Beginnings is beautifully written and so inspiring. Stephen's powerful life lessons taught him to become the successful man that he is today. I especially enjoyed reading his personal childhood story about turning hardship into triumph. He demonstrates a powerful correlation between the importance of having a productive/ positive attitude towards accomplishing life' goals. Stephen's book left me inspired and ready to conquer the world!"

- Naomi Chi


"...I absolutely loved reading his book, and it really helped me get through my struggles in life and to think a little more deeply about the meaning of life as well. “It is your feeling that there is more out there for you that is life’s way of whispering to you that it is time to dream again!.... It is to follow our dreams as far as they will take us and then be brave enough to dream again.”..."


- Lisa Chong


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