Where I began

My entrepreneurial life started in shock! I was a pre-med student doing everything I'd been told I should do to become a physician scientist - when all of a sudden I sensed this undeniable call to something greater for my life.  Initially I did not want to listen to my heart but eventually I knew that in spite of the feelings of unpreparedness and without any blueprint to lead the way - I had to follow my dream and forge my own path in life. 

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and then...

I started this amazing journey of a life that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world.  I failed, I learned, I succeeded beyond anything I could have ever imagined! I learned who I am and began helping others to also find their most authentic path in life. I now know that what I've experienced by going against the grain and away from others expectations of me has built a resilience within that continues to power my forward movement.  I am the author of the book, Small Beginnings Require Bigger Dreams, as well as a sought-after speaker and industry trainer. 

Are you ready to UNLOCK your true potential?

I am ready to serve you and support you as you UNLOCK the life of your dreams!

Stephen A. Johnson

My Core Values


My family means everything to me! When you join the UNLOCK Mastermind community YOU become part of my family.  My dedication to the fulfillment of your dreams are my top priority!


I believe that life in service to expressing all of who you are and in helping others do the same is a life well lived!


Providing value begins with being a passionate listener.  I am obsessed with creating value for you through understanding your desires in life and providing actionable and timely information that nudges you more into who you really are.

My Core Beliefs

1. Believe in Yourself - there is nothing wrong with you being your greatest cheerleader! You know your dreams and desires better than anyone else!

2. Anything is possible - Too many of us discount the future based upon the past! You are capable of doing anything you set your life to, even the seemingly impossible.

What others say about me...

"What can you say about a person who not only can significantly impact your life but has the gift to impact anyone around them who’s looking for opportunities to grow?  Stephen not only has a strong skill set to focus, listen and to understand perspectives not his own, but he has a gift to understand the meaning behind what’s said and what’s not said and then to assist you to discover upgraded lenses for self-actualization."

- Jabari Washington

"Stephen's style of coaching improved both my academic performance and self-confidence.  He listens with an empathetic ear to life stressors as well as performance anxiety.  Stephen pinpoints your self-limiting thoughts, which are the real barriers to what we desire, in a compassionate way.  He highlights your personal strengths and suggests actionable steps to find your own path to success."

- Sarah Corner

"Stephen doesn't just listen, but gets to the bottom line and lists clear action items on next steps to take.  In addition, he encompasses an attitude of positivity that is contagious and motivates me to tackle life head on.  One quote that I remember Stephen telling me is to view every problem as an opportunity.  Stephen is a true example of positivity and I am so fortunate to have him as a life coach"

- Naomi Chi

Ways to Work With Me

Mastermind Community

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Hire me for 1:1 Coaching

If you are ready to move forward by taking massive action, let's talk. Book a call today.


Hire me to Speak/Train

My keynote talk will leave the audience with a new perspective on what is possible.


My Speaking

Whenever I have the privilege to take the stage - I share about how the conditions of my early life created a perspective of lack and limitation that felt all too real! It wasn't until I began to question what seemed like fact in my life - that I unlocked the real truth: We all have different starting points in life.  Different advantages and disadvantages. But nothing about the conditions we are born into have the power to resist our desire for something more.  I have lived this life. I was homeless for many years and often did not know where my next meal would come from.  I have also lived a life of luxury and abundance.  The one thing I can say about both of these life experiences is that they are directly connected to both what you believe is possible in your life and to your willingness to act according to that belief. Thoughts become things and if you can muster up the strength to change your mind - you can definitely change your life!


My Book

We all have a starting point in life. Many of us are told, through both spoken and unspoken language, that this starting point determines what we can achieve in life. That it determines the size of our achievable dreams. This book challenges the idea that your birthplace, race, gender, sexuality, religion, or any other categorical limitation has any power outside of what you decide to believe. In short, your starting point in life is like the starting block of a race. How fast you run and whether or not you make it to the finish line is completely determined by you.


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